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Indonesia Cultural Game - Juru Parkir


Juru Parkir was my final project that had been created during my college time. I got many positive feedbacks from my friends, lecturers, even from professional people in agency. Hence, I decided to continue developing this game with my friends into full version in Google store and Apple store (hopefully). In addition, Juru Parkir has won 2 awards from The SCO°LERS, they are: Gold Award for Best Digital Category and Grand Prix (Idea of the Year).


The idea came out when I was in Indonesia. Every time I went to the small store, coffee shop, or recreation area, I saw a guy wore an orange vest guiding drivers to get a parking spot. Interestingly, every driver who wanted to leave the parking area was required to give a tip to that guy. Everyone called him "Juru Parkir".

This phenomenon is so familiar in Indonesia and the uniqueness is society doesn't really know if this job is legal or not. Most of drivers are forced to give tip because they don't want have quarrel with Juru Parkir. However, Juru Parkir brings benefit to drivers, they will watch drivers' vehicle in parking area from thief so that drivers can be more relaxed to leave their vehicles in parking area.

Because of that phenomenon, I choose this idea for my final project and package it into game. This game will give players an experience how it feels to be Juru Parkir and how Juru Parkir works on it. This game also entertains players and tells story about Indonesia cultural.


  • Meet each driver with his/her behavior.
  • Discover Indonesia tourist spot.
  • Learn Indonesia slang~
  • Unique parking style that only in Indonesia.
  • Know Indonesia street food seller using motorcycle (coming soon).

The game still in development!!

Juru Parkir is under development, what you have seen is protype version with 3 levels and no upgrade feature yet. I'm not sure when it will be done, but I expect around end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

More info at

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Install instructions

Download from dropbox and install it to your device. A little bug at instruction part for mobile version. I'll just tell you, drag and drop the car at park area, if they want to leave tap on it also the coin. After you play it, remember to kill the app. Enjoy!

Enjoy it! Everything is awesome!


juruparkirandroid.apk (133 MB)
JuruParkirFlash.zip (115 MB)